16 Limited Real Ice Buckets & Tongs Wine Rack Wine Bottle Holder The Latest Led Charging Ice Bucket Bar Champagne


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Product introduction

    • Product information
      Name: LED ice bucket
    • Type no.:CF-328BF
    • Material: environmental protection PP material
    • Rule: 26*16*25.5CM
    • Product single weight: 565g
    • LOGO printing: screen printing, thermal transfer, water transfer

The product making plans

Product description

Product advantage:The material is a transparent PP, the color of the LED lamp can be free transform, freedom of choice, environmental protection material, the quality of high-grade, bars, nightclubs essential products and our wine maker beer enterprises selected for promotional items and advertising gifts of choice. Warmly welcome new and old customers to negotiate, purchase.

Functional use
Ice bucket, suitable for portable display table. Applicable to household, hotels, bars, KTV, restaurants and on alcohol products frozen its many features also make it become the best choice for private, business gifts and high-grade, high product promotion, not only in the short term has appeared in many private and business and social occasions, for people to communicate to the good role in promoting and has been selected in the leisure and entertainment industry well-known brands, do product promotion, not only to increase the selling point of the product, improves the grade of products, strong attraction and promotion effect is obvious.
Product features
1 made of high quality materials, solid products. 2 novel design, energy saving and environmental protection, easy to carry. 3 clean, safe, non-toxic, no rot, not afraid of collision, easy to clean. 4 suitable for household, hotel, bar, KTV, restaurant, high grade business club, etc..
Using method
Freeze: the food or alcohol into the bucket, add some ice, frozen for a while about 5 minutes (ice volume enough) can achieve fairly good results, can also put some ice cubes in the kind of drink or put up, you can also add some ice in the above. Placed in the food, beverage, fruit and other parts of the upper or the side, can be frozen
texture of material


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